Our Background

Our background differs slightly from many other buying agents and we feel our approach does too. Garrington was originally founded by property expert Phil Spencer to offer a new way of finding property.

The model of Estate Agency was designed to suit the needs of people who had property to sell – hence their fee being obtained from the vendor. There has always been plenty of help available for those people selling property.

Traditionally buyers, who are likely to be making one of the most important financial and emotional decisions of their lives, have been left to fend for themselves. Garrington’s property search consultants redress this imbalance.

A common misconception is that Garrington is in competition with estate agents, but there is a clear divide; estate agents represent vendors and Garrington represents purchasers.

Estate agents value the efficiency Garrington bring to the buying process, and appreciate that our clients are highly committed purchasers. In simple terms, a client with representation is taken more seriously. Tell us what you are looking for.

Efficiency, along with Garrington’s reputation and considerable access to information, gives clients buying power far in excess of that of the individual or an unrepresented applicant.

Through objectivity and a professional approach, Garrington is committed to setting the standard of advice and process for the residential purchasing industry to follow.

Looking for the right property in a big city is very different from searching in rural areas. Each environment presents different challenges, and Garrington is experienced at meeting them all.

Garrington offers a new level of professionalism and efficiency in the field of property search and acquisition.