Navigating the Surrey market in 2017

Published Dec 23, 2016 – 2 mins read

Surrey is one the UK’s most dynamic property markets (after London), helped by its location, successful economy, laid-back lifestyle, varied housing stock and a known get away from the hustle and bustle of city living.

Families love its mix of rolling chalk downs, rich grassland and mosaic woodland, rivers and heath, Surrey also has access to a range of brilliant sports and activity amenities, green spaces and parks.

The locations popularity has caused strong demand for homes here in recent years, which has helped push prices beyond the national average. For example, in Guildford alone, total housing transactions have been 12,058, which is 3% higher than the past 12 months of the year.

Surrey is particularly popular with London workers, escaping the capital with their families, as well as professionals working jobs in the technology, telecommunications or cosmetics industry (which can be found in Guildford).

But the first question I’m often asked is not always about property. Instead families arriving in Surrey want to know where the best schools are; as my clients usually concentrate on getting their children into a school first before trying to find a home. In all honesty, it’s not an easy task. Recent research reveals that 46% of state schools alone (in the UK) have more applicants than places, and locations in Surrey very much reflect this.

High competition for family homes is usually found around the Chobham, Woking and Epsom areas, which has seen average house prices strengthen.

Another area of Surrey that is worth considering is Godalming, which has many local and stunning attractions, such as National Trust properties, sport facilities, historic and cultural places of interest and access to local festivals. There are also many unique and historic architectural buildings in this area, often found in the High Street and Church Street beside the delightful countryside.

So if you are considering a move to Surrey and would like to know more about how Garrington can expertly guide you, please get in touch for a no obligation initial discussion.